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18157Feature requestsErgonomypublic2022-06-30 13:52
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Summary18157: Need more information for title of page


Currently : we don't have a lot of way to show information
Basic idea : «A Web page provides guidelines and suggestions for creating closed captions. The Web page is part of a “sub-site" within a larger site. The title is separated into three parts by dashes.»

In 2.6 : we can show current groupname in title,
See :

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Add {{ dump(aSurveyInfo) }} in

Expected result

Have :

  • current group if in group and group by group mode
  • current question text or a way to get it if in question and question by question mode
  • Have information on the current part (Save survey/ register/ etc …)
  • have string for translation og each step

Actual result

No information

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2022-05-27 17:29

developer   ~70069

Information can not be returned by LimeSurvey core system (title send by core)
LimeSurvey core system must provide way to get the information to theme.

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