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Summary17877: Output of statistics to Powerpoint

As discussed in: I (and hopefully also others) see the need of statistics output to Powerpoint.

As Jelo pointed out: could be a starting point.

Additional Information

Currently the output is to HTML, XLS or PDF, but Powerpoint is highly needed for the following use case:

In our organization many people make fairly simple surveys, asking people about wishes on their living environment.

During meetings with people from their neighbourhood, we would like to show the results of these surveys, preferably one sheet per table plus one sheet per graph (as defined in the question settings). Powerpoint is the tool we use. PDF is cumbersome, because of the portrait format and the difficulties adapting pages afterwards: annotating, deleting certain pages.

Willing to pay, but not for complete development. Could this be crowdsourced?

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2022-05-16 21:34

administrator   ~69686

This is a nice idea for a plugin. :)



2022-05-20 17:22

partner   ~69935

Who would want to work on this? I am prepared to pay some for this, as long as the result will be Open Source and free for all.



2022-05-20 17:23

partner   ~69936

Possibly start with empty template, that can be changed/uploaded by user.

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