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17770Bug reportsQuestion editorpublic2022-01-18 10:13
Reporterhsvsuper1 Assigned Togalads  
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Product Version5.2.x 
Summary17770: New Version: Error with answercodes
DescriptionI wanted to mention a repeatedly occuring problem the updated version of Limesurvey: Whenever I add a new answer in the middle of the pre-exisiting answer list, and then want to order the answer codes numerically in the order 1,2,3,4 etc., the error "you cannot assign two answers the same code" (translation from the german version). This is of course correct, but when I then change the other answer codes to their new number, so there are no doubles, the button is still framed red and I cannot save the change. Instead, I have to go in the boxes and just type in the same number again, so that it updates and interpretes it as correct assignment.

I hope this is coherent.

Btw: Really nice update otherwise!!
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.2.4
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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2022-01-14 14:16

manager   ~68012

Quick question. After there are no duplicates, but still there are some boxes on red, are you able to save?
I am trying to identify if this is a saving issue or more of a UI interface issue.



2022-01-14 14:40

reporter   ~68015

Indeed, after changing all the numbers, so there are no duplicates, saving is possible and works as it should (after you can see something on the screen with all those big red banners :D). The answercode boxes are still surrounded red, but everything is saved properly.
Thanks for caring!


2022-01-14 15:45

manager   ~68027

@galads What should we do with this ticket?


2022-01-18 10:13

administrator   ~68038

The red-framed color should change back to normal after changing the code with the error. Should be async

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