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17715Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2021-12-01 09:28
Reporterholch Assigned Togalads  
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Product Version5.x 
Fixed in Version5.2.x 
Summary17715: Expressions in End URL field create problems
DescriptionWhen including expressions in the END URL field there are usually errors, when you use an if loop to present different URLs based on previous questions for example. Something like:

{if(Participate.NAOK=="A1", "", "")}

This is not a new problem, I recall to have seen this for years but it is still prevalent in 5.1.18+211101 and I am updating to 5.2 now and I guess this is the same.

The current workaround is to create an equation question that determines the URL to redirect to and then pipe it into the END URL field via {equationquestion}.

However, in my opinion this should also work directly in the End URL field, but there it creates some HTML code (spans, etc.) that cause an error on the end page.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.1.18+211101
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PHP Version7.x

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2021-11-23 13:46

manager   ~67503

This should have been solved with #15992


2021-11-23 14:33

administrator   ~67507

I will test this with this use case. Thanks @gabrieljenik


2021-11-26 09:56

administrator   ~67580

This is fixed by 15992. I will close this report.


2021-11-26 15:00

reporter   ~67587

Thanks guys, will test this soon.


2021-12-01 09:28

administrator   ~67620

New version released

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