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17678Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2021-12-21 15:07
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Summary17678: VV export didn't shown sub question
DescriptionIn VV export file : you have the text of teh question, but not the text of the sub question.
I like to add text of sub question
Additional InformationAt 1st time : i think i just make the feature request and the pull request but need an update on VV import.
(new feature ;: allow line feed)

See CSV file with line feed + sub questin (here rank)
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child of 17677 testinggalads Bug reports Valid TSV file can not be used in VV import 

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2021-10-25 12:55


vvexport_629533_headerLineFeed.csv (426 bytes)   
"ID de la réponse"	"token"	"Date de soumission"	"Dernière page"	"Langue de départ"	"Tête de série"	"Une première question comme exemple. Veuillez répondre à cette question :
Rang 1"	"Une première question comme exemple. Veuillez répondre à cette question :
Rang 2"
"id"	"token"	"submitdate"	"lastpage"	"startlanguage"	"seed"	"Q00_1"	"Q00_2"
1	"{question_not_shown}"	"1980-01-01 00:00:00"	1	"fr"	723848058	"A3"	"A2"


2021-11-02 09:59

developer   ~67045

PS : There are maybe a need to have answers too , something like this

Question \n
[Subquestion Y \n]
[Subquestion X \n]
[AnswerCode1 - answer text 1 \n]
[AnswerCode1 - answer text 2 \n]

I think i create a eport plugin for the answers included. Tell me if you want it in develop version ?

PS :when export : need an option to have a way to export VV for pre 5.X version !


2021-11-02 10:02

administrator   ~67046

Yes please, in the develop branch will be nice


2021-12-21 15:07

developer   ~67830

As plugin :

But no way to open it in excel 2016.

With dumb excel 2016
1. Create a file
2. Add some data
3. Add line feed in a cell with Alt+Space (or Shigft+space)
4. Save is as Text/separator tab
5. Close excel
6. Try to find a way to open this file with the line feed …

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