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17588Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2021-09-13 09:48
ReporterJmantysalo Assigned Togalads  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.x 
Summary17588: Mass change of survey group fails
DescriptionSearch surveys by some criteria. Select one or more of them. From the button at the bottom of page try to change the survey groups they belong. It fails and directs the user to the front page.
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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 5.1.3+210817
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2021-09-10 12:45

reporter   ~66447

Also setting theme to multiple surveys fails. Setting expiration date works.


2021-09-10 16:12

administrator   ~66451

I cannot reproduce this error. Can you enable debug = 2 in application/config/config.php and try again, please? Paste the complete error message here.


2021-09-13 08:05

reporter   ~66458

Duh. I can not reproduce the error on a new installation, nor set debug-flag just now. However, I attached two screenshots. Also on my test computer I got just a log line

POST /limesurvey/index.php/surveyAdministration/changeMultipleSurveyGroup HTTP/1.1" 200

but on a failing machine there is

POST /lime/surveyAdministration/changeMultipleSurveyGroup HTTP/1.1" 302

so can that be related to the use of nice URLs without the index.php-part?


2021-09-13 08:25

reporter   ~66459

Setting showScriptName in config.php did not made any difference.


2021-09-13 08:57

reporter   ~66460

Think I got this. We have basically

<Location /lime/admin>
    ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1
    require valid-user

and now some of the links are .../surveyAdministration/..., not .../admin/... Will it be enough to just add another URL to the configuration?


2021-09-13 09:42

administrator   ~66462

With access denied, it seems you do not have permission. It works fine for me as superadmin (changing groups and setting themes)

Can you check with a superadmin user?


2021-09-13 09:48

reporter   ~66464

I tested this on superadmin account. I suppose this somehow depends on SB implementation -- the system tries re-login or something like that.

(There is a SB plugin sold for LS -- it was released only weeks or months after I hade made our own. :( )

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