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17322Bug reportsSecuritypublic2021-07-12 12:41
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.25.20 
Summary17322: Need different time and count for lock out access for token VS admin user
DescriptionSince Brute-force attack with tokens to enter survey is possible :

We use same settings for lock out token and klock out admin.

1. Way of give access is totally different : username+userpass VS random character
2. Right after access is totally different : whole DB and data with admin, only a single user data with token
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Additional Informationtoken : bot access : 1 seconds after 3 try is the best
admin : 10 minutes is really better
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Bug heat266
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.27.0
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2021-05-25 12:38

developer   ~64532

I can fix it (freely), it's an easy **needed** fix


2021-06-18 10:31

administrator   ~64951

A fix for "Brute-force attack with tokens to enter survey" is already provided and there is a delay when the token is entered incorrectly several times.
Or maybe I misunderstand the fix you want to provide?


2021-06-18 10:55

developer   ~64952

We use same time for Admin user and token user. BUT : it's a totally different attack.

yes : there are a Brute force : but it use the same time and try than admin user.

Admin user brute force attack can use
- "social attack" : birthday, childrens name
- other powned password for same user
- password rainbow table

Token user can only be automatic caracters : randomly chooisen

Else : the right give are really more dangerous
- Admin user : All database of all user of all survey
- token user : one user information on one survey

The 1st issue is to use the same system for a totally different concept. If you can not understand this : i can not explain more.


2021-06-22 16:07

administrator   ~64979

I understand this absolutely fine but this sounds like a feature request and not a bug. Please create a PR and I will take it up from there


2021-06-22 16:23

developer   ~64981

But : this issue was introduced in a

in 3.X when new feature is forbidden … then ?

Can i fix it for 3.X or not ?


2021-07-12 11:56

administrator   ~65371

yes, you can.

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