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17259Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-04-21 14:52
Reportertammo Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version3.25.20 
Target Version3.x 
Summary17259: Global setting does not seem to make sense

Whan I fill in the "default site admin email address" and the "default site bounce address" they are not used when you make a new survey.

Please see settings images.

Expected behaviour: when "Default site bounce email address" and "Default site admin email" are filled in, they are filled in when defining a new survey. Now, when opening a new survey, the details of the user that defines a new survey are fuilled in.

So what are the default addresses for? When are they used. They seem to promise something that will never come true...

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2021-04-19 23:48


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2021-04-20 06:29

developer   ~64025

Default email : used when you are out of a survey

Default bounce : used when Survey settings to Global

It's difficult to update without broke some system. Some user can think bounce is not used , update and bounce is used. You need to alert …

About Default email : i think 4.X have a good solution. And it's the 1st time we have an issue about that : Email shown on survey are clear enough.
About Bounce : i already think to have a plugin to use global bounce setting by default.



2021-04-21 14:37

administrator   ~64084

Is this more of a discussion than a bug report? Move to forum?



2021-04-21 14:51

developer   ~64087

Leave it, it will stir up too much discussion now. But still I think it is weird that you need to specifically indicate that the bounce settings need to listen to the global settings.

In my idea: global settings are default, user can override.



2021-04-21 14:52

administrator   ~64088

Closing for now, feel free to discuss further in the forum.

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