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17201Feature requestsOtherpublic2021-05-11 17:30
Reporterc_schmitz Assigned Togabrieljenik  
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Summary17201: Easier switch between customized condition and condition designer
DescriptionHow it should work:

If a conditions exists and the user starts editing the condition directly (not using the condition editor), a warning message will be shown:
"Note: If you customize & save this condition you will not be able to use the condition editor for this, anymore."

If the conditions is customized and the question is saved, the condition data needs to be automatically removed.

A similar note should be shown if you use the condition editor and a customized condition already exists.

"Note: This question uses a customized condition. If you create a condition using this editor the current customized condition will be overwritten. "
Steps To Reproducedon't really know.
I did change the presentation to anonymouse to create another screenshot or a bug.
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