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17045Bug reportsStatisticspublic2021-02-23 11:25
ReporterProfwalken Assigned Tovharris  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.25.10 
Summary17045: Statistic PDF file no more working properly

since latest release 3.25.10+210128, when I try to generate a PDF file from expert statistic options,

  1. Process never ends in Admin
  2. Generated PDF is not full filling criteria set in Expert mode

Result is always the same, even you choose any setting to have it in 1 column for example, it give the file with always 2 columns.
Graphics (camembert) are asked, but they are included only on left side column.

Steps To Reproduce

open statistics in Expert mode
Click to add, graphics, PDF, one column,
select questions to add in Pdf

then click on statistic view button, PDF generation start with no ending, and file is displayed with missing criterias as explained above.

Additional Information

It was working fine previously before latest release 3.25.10+210128.
Previous years all my PDF were properly generated, but now if I try to make a new pdf file with actual release problem is there too.

Tagsendless, PDF, statistics
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build) 3.25.10+210128
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Sync to Zoho ProjectYes
Database & DB-Versionmysql 5.7
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.3




2021-02-02 14:01

manager   ~61854

Hey @vharris - could you please test it in both master and LTS ?



2021-02-11 18:48

administrator   ~62184

Could not reproduce. Can you please attach screenshot of the issue, please? lsa-file with the survey data would help too, if it's not confidential.



2021-02-17 13:48

developer   ~62308

Last edited: 2021-02-17 13:49

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Hi @Profwalken

I will try to reproduce it with that survey you attached.
We couldn't reproduce the "never ending" issue.
Are you trying with a large survey or with lot of responses?

On the other hand you said:

new release none of the graphics is displayed,

But I see some graphics on that pdf screenshot. Right?

  • always 2 column in pdf ,asked for one only.

OK, will review this.



2021-02-17 16:10

developer   ~62315

always 2 column in pdf ,asked for one only.

PDF was always created with a single column layout.

I am sorry, but I can't find anything to fix here.
Can I ask you to review again?




2021-02-17 18:50

reporter   ~62328

Is it possible to do a teamviewer session directly live on my LS to see problem ?



2021-02-17 22:47

reporter   ~62331

On thursday I'm available to connect live with TV , if you're interested in and see what happens



2021-02-18 08:50

reporter   ~62334

Does this means my LS install is corrupted ? I push LS updates with use of " comfort update" and never put my hands in other ways in LS files, so if it's corrupted may be it's a comfort update problem?



2021-02-18 09:21

developer   ~62335

Number of column are used only in HTML view, never in other.

It muts be documented and add an help in GUI



2021-02-18 09:34

developer   ~62336

Process never ends in Admin

Seems to never end : see screencast, happen for excel and PDF

The «Please wait, loading data...» didn't disappear when file is done.

Peek 18-02-2021 09-30.gif (317,045 bytes)
Peek 18-02-2021 BIS.gif (697,737 bytes)


2021-02-18 10:09

developer   ~62339

Number of column are never implemented.

The issue : it's not clear in admin GUI :)



2021-02-18 10:13

reporter   ~62340

Denis, I'm not talking here about 2 columns but only graphics which are only left side



2021-02-18 22:04

developer   ~62371

here an example of PDF generated this morning after latest update, same as previously, graphics are on left side only

Do yo have a previous PDF?
Honestly, I don't think that has changed.

Please, can I reask you for a description of the issue?
(as to start all over and re-focus)



2021-02-19 12:23

reporter   ~62404

Hi gabriel,
Seems I'm completelty wrong and you are right files were already like they are, with 2 columns and graphics on left side.

So the only problem is the one Denis related previoulsy with process never ending.

Sorry for this wrong report.



2021-02-23 11:25

administrator   ~62461

Can you open a new ticket for the other issue, please? Mark severity as "tweak". Thank you.

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