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16988Bug reportsConditionspublic2021-10-13 08:04
Reporterbocs2993 Assigned Tovharris  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.3.28 
Summary16988: Cannot Delete Questions where Conditions Existed on Deleted Questions
DescriptionI have multiple questions that have conditions on other questions. (Where Question A is dependent on Question B)

I understand that conditions need to be removed before you can delete the question, and I thought that in deleting Question B I would be doing this. However, after deleting Question B, it still throws an error when I try to delete Question A, citing the condition.

However, I now have no way to remove the condition as the question that it was on is gone. Somehow, despite Question B being deleted, its condition on Question A is still persisting in the background.

Now these questions are stuck in my survey which makes it unusable. I am going to attempt to copy the survey and see if the questions can be deleted in that version, but that sort of workaround should not be mandatory.
Steps To ReproduceCreate two Questions: Question A and Question B

Make Question B dependent on the answer to Question A

Delete Question B

Attempt to delete Question A (to no avail)
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.3.6+200727
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMySQL Version 10.3.27-MariaDB
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PHP Version7.4.14

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2021-01-18 17:49

manager   ~61588

Could you please try the latest master and see if the issue persists?


2021-01-30 18:01

manager   ~61825

@vharris, could you please try and see if you can reproduce it in latest master?


2021-01-31 10:54

developer   ~61826

Maybe with the original lss file ?


2021-03-10 17:46

administrator   ~63112

Hello bocs2993,

we have asked for feedback on this issue. Because we did not get an answer we assume that the issue is resolved.
However, should you be able to reproduce the issue using the latest version, please feel free to re-open the issue and give us exact details on how to reproduce it.

Thank you and best regards,



2021-09-28 08:28

reporter   ~66628

this is to confirm I was able to reproduce the issue following same steps described above using LS version 5.1.13+210923.
Will appreciate efforts to resolve it. attached is a screen shot of the message received upon trying to delete the main question (Question A).
Even though Question B has been deleted, records for the conditions linking it with Question A are still exists in the table named "ls_conditions".
questionCondition.png (50,481 bytes)   
questionCondition.png (50,481 bytes)   

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