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16958Bug reportsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2021-01-12 20:07
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Product Version4.3.33 
Summary16958: User with roles can not have more rights …

If you set an user with a roles : this user can not have more right

Steps To Reproduce

Create an user
Create a role : set Label sets to ON (for example)
Try to give more right to user : sghow OK
Edit Permission : permission is not set

Additional Information issue : return false

And more : test is stupid ! totally stupid : why check ALL roles permission if you need only one … permission : just check if this role have this permission …

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2021-01-08 09:58


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2021-01-08 10:02

developer   ~61459

Lol : remove login permission …

This feature are really tested ?

This feature must be moved to a core plugin or extension …

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