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16746Bug reportsStatisticspublic2020-11-16 09:31
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Product Version3.24.1 
Summary16746: Filtering on responses for questions of type Array Dual Scale was not working in Statistics

In Statistics, Filtering on responses for questions of type Array Dual Scale was not working at all: Results were not respecting those filters, and the selections in those selectors were lost on the results page.

Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce: Just create a one-question survey with a dual array dual scale question and their sub-questions. Or use an example from the man page . Then fill-in one survey, and go to admin results statistics. In Response Filters select one of the dual-scale answers that was NOT selected in that test survey.

Expected result: 0 out of 1 shown and selection in Response Filter still selected.
Actual result: 1 out of 1 shown and Response Filter selection lost.
After applying PR: Result becomes as expected.

Additional Information

Analysis and fixes:
Those filters' multi-selects were ignored in the filtering because their select names were wrong: E.g.:
Actual wrong: select name="956915X67X519SQ001#{0}[]" and select name="956915X67X519SQ001#{1}[]"
Expected correct: select name="956915X67X519SQ001#0[]" and select name="956915X67X519SQ001#1[]"

Additionally, once fixed, an html comment above was generating a warning because they supposed strings and got arrays of strings. This PR fixes both of them.

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2020-11-03 15:51

developer   ~60509




2020-11-10 12:40

developer   ~60604

Fix committed to 3.x-LTS branch:



2020-11-16 09:31

administrator   ~60647

Fixed in Release 3.25.0+201117

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: 3.x-LTS 3d11b46d

2020-11-10 12:39:54


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Fixed issue 16746: Filtering on responses for questions of type Array Dual Scale was not working in Statistics (#1641)

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