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16725Bug reportsEncryptionpublic2021-05-17 10:46
Reporterplafeber Assigned Top_teichmann  
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Product Version4.3.19 
Summary16725: Cannot add users from CPDB to survey with encryption due to email field issues

I am clicking the button in the CPDB to have a certain user added to a survey. I get the message "Invalid email address".
I already had problems with the CPDB and had this fixed by truncating the table and starting over. I then added users manually as well as through import.
I also made sure that both the attributes in the CPDB and the surveys have all been set to "Encrypted". I use one custom attribute "organisation" in the CPDB but I do not migrate this.
When I delete the email address of the user, the transport works fine. It's clearly only the email address field that gives problems. I have created a 'clean' new user and manually typed in a valid email address. The problem persists. I tried with all lower case letters, the problem persists.
I have updated today from 4.3.10 to the latest version 4.3.19 to verify the problem has not already been resolved. Tee problem is still the same.
When I set Encryption to No both in the CPDB and in the survey, the move does work. This tells me the problem lies in the encryption/decryption.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new survey and activate it
  2. Iinitalise the participant table.
  3. Set field "email" to Encryption = Yes
  4. Go to the CPDB
  5. Set field "email" to Encryption = Yes
  6. Create a new user with a valid email address
  7. Click the button to assign the user to a survey.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)LimeSurvey version Branch Update type 4.3.19 (201005) stable Security update
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PHP VersionPHP Version 7.4.11

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2021-05-17 10:46

administrator   ~64424

Hello, thank you for the report, this should have been fixed by our recent encryption fixes. If this issue still occurs for you, please let us know.

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