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Summary16666: Registration (continue later): Bounced E-Mail with visible password

One of my participants wanted to continue later and signed up with his e-mail address. There was a 554 error and the e-mail bounced to the administrator - with visible log-in credientials (e-mail and password).
The visible password should never be sent to the participants to prevent this.

Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.23.3+200909
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duplicate of 11848 new Feature requests Saved Surveys - E-Mail Notification Password in Plain Text 




2020-11-05 14:07

reporter   ~60560

Seconding. In fact, the BIG problem here is that the user is prompted for a password at all -- the user may be fooled into using a browser-prompted password for the user's logons on the same domain, which is completely INSECURE. So EITHER, the user should be sent a randomly generated password (or better yet, link) OR the password is not ever sent out plain text, but salted and hashed before POSTing. Alternatively, you can try to creatively figure out how to reverse-engineer Chrome's usability engineers with javascript+HTML to disable auto-fill of the password fields:

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