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16646Bug reportsTheme editorpublic2020-09-09 22:56
Reportergabrieljenik Assigned Togabrieljenik  
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Product Version3.23.3 
Target Version3.22.13 
Summary16646: Why does that CSS class get added at the one template but not at the other

Question for the experts related to array filter: At you see the question 2 container show up. At a copy with theme=vanilla the second question doesn't show up because "ls-hidden" got added to the question container.

Why does that CSS class get added at the one template but not at the other?
I couldn't find out where the difference is.

Not sure if that was introduced with this commit?

Just a question why looks different to on page call.

Second question is hidden at the later link which is the intended behavior and caused by CSS class ls-hidden. But that doesn't get added at the other survey.
Question: Why...?

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.22.13
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2020-09-09 22:56

updater   ~59759

This one can be closed. It was related to the custom theme being based on an old version of vanilla which was missing this fix:

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