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Product Version4.3.10 
Summary16643: Import of language keys succeeds even with faulty keys

I have created 80 users for a survey using the import from a CSV file. I mistakenly set the language column to "English". It should have said "en". I didn't get to know this because the import succeeded; all users were imported.
When I checked the "Participants" table, nothing looked 'off'. The language column was filled with "English", so i had no reason to expect something was wrong. I sent out the inviations to all 80 participants and they received an empty email; no subject, no body. This means there was also no hyperlink to the survey in the email. I tried to figure out why this happened. Only when I manually created a test user did I realise that it said "en" in the language column for that user. Sending an invitation succeeded. Manually setting a user's
"Invitation" setting from Yes to Know made the difference. The user received an email with content. Only later did I realise it was because implicitly also the language was set correctly for this user during the same update process.

Clearly, importing users with a faulty language setting is a problem. It comes into effect upon sending invitations. Only if you have sufficient knowledge of the technology can you personally spot the problem. Instead, the system should not allow import of faulty language keys in the first place.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a survey with 1 question
  2. Create a CSV file with column firstname, lastname, email and language.
  3. Create content for the CSV file, setting the language to "en" for one user and "English" for another
  4. Activate the survey in closed mode and send the invitations. Note how the system generates a correct email for the first user but an empty one for the other.
  5. Manually update the second user; open the details and click "Save". Note that the language setting now says "en" (given you have no other languages installed).
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.3.10+200812
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Database & DB-Version5.7.30
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PHP Version7.2.33


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