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Summary16616: Glotpress: strings translated without supervisor's approval

I'm Luciano Fanfoni, supervisor of the two Italian translation for versions (3 & 4).
I just noticed that in the latest releases 3 and 4 there are strings translated into Italian that have not gone through my supervision. The most recent are from August. In fact, it had been a while since I had any strings in a "waiting" state in Glotpress, and I hadn't even been notified of strings waiting to be revised.
Perhaps this is due to the fact that a negative number is displayed in the "Untranslated" column.

Steps To Reproduce

Make a fake translation in one of the 4 Glotpress projects in Italian and verify that it is immediately approved

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Glotpress projects: versions 3/4, Languages: Italian, Italian-Informal
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2020-08-26 13:26


Tested issue exist



2020-09-10 14:44

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Yesterday I found translations with "waiting" status on both projects 3 and 4 and approved them. It appears that the anomaly has been resolved.

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