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16609Feature requestsOtherpublic2020-08-26 15:32
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Summary16609: codes for dropdown, radio, & list with comment are too short
Descriptionlist (dropdown), list (radio), & list with comment questions only allow for a 5-character code while most questions types with answer options allow for very long codes. This is often a problem when trying to come up with descriptive codes with similar options. We prefer descriptive codes over using (for e,g,) A1, A2, etc.
Additional InformationVersion 3.22.17+200525
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2020-08-26 15:30

manager   ~59633

@ollehar, do you know why we have this limitation in LS?


2020-08-26 15:32

administrator   ~59635

Possibly to allow more questions in one survey? Not sure, ask Carsten.

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