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Summary16512: Random seeming results using default answers of the {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_X} form with x from 1 to 7
DescriptionI have attached an lss from a one question version of the survey. Made using debian, firefox, latest limesurvey (4.3.4?), mariadb, apache2, php 7.2). Screenimages show the default answers, top of the participants table, and the result.

There are 7 add on attributes: 1 = course name 2 = course number 3 = faculty 4 = instructor 5 = instructor email 6 = section 7 = session. All are just text.

Allow public access and the prompts for all attributes look right and are in the right order. Enter answers, get the email, check the default answers there is usually at least one missing, the others are in the wrong places. e.g. the mgmt field shows the course name, course num is blank, the instructor field shows the session.

The same thing happens if I assign tokens and preview the survey using one in a url. (e.g. )
 Fields are blank and/or the values shown don't match the field names.
Additional InformationThe data is imported directly into the participants table from a file that looks like this: (1st 3 rows):

"";"Karen722, Notme723";"Accounting Information Systems";"3170 ";"MGT";"Meteach, Super";"";"Y ";"Summer Session I ";"
"";"Karen348, Notme349";"Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment ";"3031 ";"MGT";"Meteach, Super";"";"Y ";"Summer Session II/III ";"

I will load 3.whatever the last officially stable version was, and try that; but meanwhile this is a showstopper. My guess.. (not based on much ) is that this is more likely a mistake than a bug. Perhaps something to do with how attributes are defined? The tables look ok in phpmyadmin, but ?
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2020-07-22 22:27

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The question works just as it should if I only use four attributes (b ut define all seven in the participant table) Splitting the 6 part question into two works for both.

In making a new survey with only the one question with only four default answers instead of 6 I typed each of the "{TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_x} entries rather than typing only the first one and then using cut and paste on the others before fixing the numbers. I have not tried to use cut and paste on a four part question, but I wonder.. is this more gnome weirdness?

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