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16480Bug reportsTheme editorpublic2020-07-27 17:51
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Summary16480: Empty logo causes under specific circumstances loops on the welcome page

On every new installation, logo appears as "enabled" in global survey themes, but no file is preselected (see screenshot).

Simplest solution: logo.png should always be selected inside global survey themes.

That should apply to:

  • all three default themes: vanilla, bootswatch, and vanilla
  • all extended themes (if I extend a theme, e.g., fruity, the logo field is enabled, but no file preselected)
Additional Information

This issue happens under very specific circumstances - didn't spend more time on it but when I had the chance to look through other installations, I was always seeing that the looping was getting caused by the lack of logo/brandlogo/background file when they are enabled.

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2020-07-09 15:39


logo_issue.png (73,600 bytes)   
logo_issue.png (73,600 bytes)   


2020-07-10 16:11

developer   ~58897

Looping means that participant culdn't advance from the welcome page to the 1st question



2020-07-27 17:48

developer   ~59105

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I wasn't able to reproduce the looping situation.

I understand the issue of having the dropdown with no value, although on the DB there is a value.
To fix this, the value saved on DB while installing should be "themes/survey/fruity/files/logo.png".
Also an update script should be done for replacing "./files/logo.png" with the correct value ofr current installations.
Still, I think that's minor and not the objective of this ticket.

Let's review again.


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