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16471Bug reports_ Unknownpublic2020-11-30 14:08
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Product Version4.3.0 
Summary16471: Inserted div by CBaseListView contains wrong URL

The div 'keys' inserted by CBaseListView uses the request URL which misses the baseUrl if a reverse proxy mode is used. This results in error when logging in, deleting responses, filtering responses etc.

Steps To Reproduce

Change baseUrl
Load login page
get error page

Additional Information

I submit a pull request to fix this issue.

In framework/zii/widgets/CBaseListView.php change:




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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.3.0+200616
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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Database & DB-Version15.1 Distrib 10.1.44-MariaDB
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Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.3




2020-07-08 16:45

developer   ~58800

misses the baseUrl if a reverse proxy mode is used.

Even without proxy : see "

Else : i think we need baseUrl not absolute URL

Proxy issue ?



2020-07-08 16:46

developer   ~58801

It's better if we don't force url … and keep relative URL



2020-07-08 16:50

developer   ~58802

If i don't make error : you can force baseUrl with

        // Enforce a certain URL base 
        'request' => array(
            'hostInfo' => ''  



2020-10-15 22:37

developer   ~60220

I have the feeling this will faile if LS in a subfolder.
I am tsting it!



2020-10-16 01:00

developer   ~60221

Yes, the path seems to be wrong if LS is installed ina subfolder.
Check attachment please,

How is this "keys" div used for?

Please take into account we are updating a base thing from Yii.
Not sure that's the best.

What are we tryingto accomplish?
Can you elaborate more?


image.png (6,531 bytes)   
image.png (6,531 bytes)   


2020-11-01 12:31

reporter   ~60484

Hi! Sorry for my late response, but I only managed to look into this issue again today.

We had the folling issue:

  1. call proxyUrl/admin -> redirects to -> proxyUrl/index.php/admin/authentication/sa/login
  2. insert credential and fire submit event
  3. POST response contains wrong location-header redirecting to /index.php/admin

Navigating manually to proxyUrl/index.php/admin after login loads all ressources just fine.


in /application/controllers/admin/authentication.php

in doRedirect()

(-) $returnUrl = App()->user->getReturnUrl(array('/admin'));
(-) Yii::app()->getController()->redirect($returnUrl);

(+) App()->getController()->redirect(array('/admin'));

Now this fixes our issue. I do not remeber if we had any other issue which made me suggest changes to Yii. So I believe that this is the "real" issue. Sorry for confusion.



2020-11-26 20:22

developer   ~60767

Last edited: 2020-11-26 20:23

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On step #3, can you please describe which is the full url that you are getting and which is the full url that you are expecting?

The change that you suggest breaks the feature of allowing the user to return to the url which was intended to lad before the login screen appeared.



2020-11-27 00:18

reporter   ~60770

Here is the full call stack (example):
I call: https://HOST/custom/path/index.php/admin/index
I get redirected for login to: https://HOST/custom/path/index.php/admin/authentication/sa/login
After login, I get redirected to: https://HOST/index.php/admin
I expect to be redirected to: https://HOST/custom/path/index.php/admin

"custom/path" is ignored, while all other requests work fine and include the path.

Browser history works fine of course.

Interestingly, filter options when looking at survey responses have the same problem too.

For example, filter for completed answers only leads to wrong POST:
I get: https://HOST/index.php/admin/responses/sa/browse/surveyid/XXXXX?ajax=responses-grid
I expect: https://HOST/custom/path/index.php/admin/responses/sa/browse/surveyid/XXXXX?ajax=responses-grid



2020-11-27 07:59

developer   ~60772

Related ?
Show survey list on Home page : survey list navigator broken



2020-11-27 10:51

reporter   ~60779

As far as I understand multiviews, the suggested related buck relies on rewrites done by apache which it should not be doing. In our case, however, the limesurvey application uses wrong URLs.

I still believe the problem related to using YII "getUrl".
I added two screenshots:

  1. getUrl not including custom/path
  2. "update" function of yii preparing POST req to URL also missing custom/path
ls_bug.png (15,774 bytes)   
ls_bug.png (15,774 bytes)   
ls_bug2.png (89,030 bytes)   
ls_bug2.png (89,030 bytes)   


2020-11-27 10:53

reporter   ~60780

*sorry for typo: I meant bug but cannot edit the post?



2020-11-27 10:59

developer   ~60781

PS : i have a lot of instance in subfolder : then it's not related to only the subfolder ....



2020-11-27 11:00

developer   ~60782

PS2 : see

if a reverse proxy mode

proxy issue in my opinion.



2020-11-27 20:31

developer   ~60790

I think this is about reverse proxy.
And also think this is not a LS issue but a Yii one.

Still, we were not able to reproduce it with reverse proxy.
Have you checked this?

Says exactly the same as here.



2020-11-30 14:08

developer   ~60805

As to be cleat, please @jatoko can you confirm you have applied this configuration?

We will continue reviewing and trying to reproduce after.


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