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Summary16434: Special characters shown as HTML entities in sidebar

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.3.0
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2020-06-26 17:39


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2020-06-26 17:43

developer   ~58530

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Ok, so special characters should be shown as they are and not as html entities.
What about special characters which form tags? Should they be shown? Isn't that a security issue?

My call for fixing this was to use strip_tags.
So, sending special characters to look good. But tags are not sent.

So, the attached example (which has special characters resembling tags on the WYSIWYG editor, not the source view) should look like this on the side bar: Weight: {wiehfdj}

What do you think?



2020-06-26 17:49

developer   ~58531


Text is flatten. After that. special chars are sent to the sidebar. Tags, which could be formed by special chars re-coded, are not sent.



2020-06-29 08:15

developer   ~58534

But : viewHelper::flatEllipsizeText($questionText, true) must already remove p tag here.

Seems test is not really flatten here ?



2020-06-29 16:46

developer   ~58560

Oh : here <p> is not a tag , it's a HTML false tag ?

Can you send the lss please ?

If right : 3.X have same issue



2020-06-29 22:11

developer   ~58565

FYI. We have followed discussion with @Denis on github PR.

Made me think, how should special characters travel from server to front end. I believe they should travel as text.
Then Vue takes care of escaping.

That's how it is set now.
So wouldn't change the current PR.

If it is fine, I will wrap it there and then open a new ticket for v3



2020-06-30 08:38

developer   ~58569

Json send totally filtered caracter : it's the purpose of flatellipsise

vue escape it again

This is the issue


2020-06-30 16:01


Tested the issue by checking out to the branch. Special characters are not diplayed in question code,working as expected
Please refer the screenshot for more details



2020-06-30 16:45

developer   ~58589

Since <p> are shown in HTML editor : it must be shown in management :)

It's a false tag.



2020-07-02 14:43

viewer   ~58652

Fix committed to master branch:;id=30243



2020-07-06 13:21

administrator   ~58708

Fixed in Release 4.3.3+200707

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Fixed issue 16434: Special characters shown as HTML entities in sidebar (#1452)

Dev: Text is flatten. After that. special chars are sent to the sidebar. Tags, which could be formed by special chars re-coded, are not sent.
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