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16362Bug reportsAccessibilitypublic2020-06-10 09:00
Reporterf_funke Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.22.17 
Summary16362: container for adding survey participants not fully visible

A client reported that there is a problem when adding participants to a survey. The container with name and token is not fully visible.

We tried

  • clearing browser cache
  • clearing assets in LimeSurvey
  • running Firefox without add-ons
  • changing window size
  • closing the menu on the left hand side
    but nothing helped. Weird thing is that this problem occurs on different of the client's machines (desktop, laptop).

However, I cannot reproduce the issue at all. But as there could be other users out there with the same problem, perhaps someone could give it a try.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.22.17 @ LS Pro
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserFirefox 76.0.1 (64-Bit) @ Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) Version 1909
Database & DB-Versionn/a
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)LS Pro
PHP VersionLS Pro




2020-06-04 12:29


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2020-06-05 17:23

administrator   ~58204

Screen size issue?



2020-06-10 09:00

developer   ~58235

Don't think so. The user tried it on different machines. He reported the screen resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 at 200% zoom. However, changing font size did not solve the issue. Computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (don't know if this helps).

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