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16267Bug reportsOtherpublic2020-05-18 00:04
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Product Version4.1.13 
Summary16267: Array question type: Array by Scale not displayed correctly during survey taking (mobile phone)

The question type array by scale will be not displayed correctly during survey taken for mobile phones.

Steps To Reproduce

Create survey
Create question group
Create question with question type Array by Scale
Execute the survey or preview it
Shrink the size of the window to mobile phone size.

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child of 16204 newJHoeck Arrays (all types) not displayed correctly during survey-taking (mobile phone) - LE: it applies only to certain Array types 




2020-05-13 14:12

developer   ~57745

What is array by scale ?

Dual scale seems OK



2020-05-13 14:15

developer   ~57747

4.X skelvanilla

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