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Summary16209: Please consider making logging a required feature of LimeSurvey
DescriptionHello, I work with many different CMS, websites, software, servers, databases, http servers,mysql databases and such. I am not a coder, I am an administrator. I am now working with LimeSurvey and am amazed at it's power. However, there is one area in which LimeSurvey is extremely lacking - logging.

Almost all modern computer programs and software have logging features that do not require the administrator to first learn new coding languages in order to access error reporting. I cannot find a single, simple method to access any kind of error reporting in LimeSurvey without first learning to code a plugin which is quiet frankly a bit ridiculous, I'm sorry to say.

LimeSurvey is a very mature product but it *needs* easily accessible logs reports for such things as failed logins (to stop brute force attacks) program errors, ip accesses, memory usage, broken pipes, etc.

Please consider providing this in future releases. Thank you.
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