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16167Feature requestsExpression Managerpublic2020-04-22 15:41
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Summary16167: Randomization group details missing at logic file
DescriptionIf you are randomizing question groups using the Randomization group setting, the Randomization group detail entered for the different groups is missing at the survey logic file at group level. That makes it very hard to double check if any group is missing the Randomization group setting. You have to check each group manually.

Since this is a core detail and we are showing the same Randomization group name detail at question level if you are randomizing questions, this should be included at the logic file for groups as well.
Steps To ReproduceAdd a Randomization group setting to any question group.
Search the logic file for the setting -> there is nothing
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2020-04-22 11:49

administrator   ~57312

Is this a regression?


2020-04-22 15:38

partner   ~57319

I think it is a missing feature. To my knowledge this wasn't shown in older versions as well but I may be wrong.


2020-04-22 15:41

administrator   ~57320

Moved to feature request. You should probably bring it up in next meeting or ping @cdorin for feedback.

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