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16158Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-03-10 22:10
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Product Version4.1.18 
Summary16158: checkbox for multiple choice option "other" is not saved in data set
DescriptionWhen using the multiple choice option "other", the value of "other" checkbox is not saved in the data set.

For example if question Q1 is answered like this:

[X] A
[ ] B
[X] other: my text

The data set will look like this:

Q1_SQ01 | Q1_SQ02 | Q1_other
Yes [Y] | | my text

However, there is no column for the other option's checkbox, which is needed (or at least very helpful) for analyses and filtering/Expression Manager.

The data set must look like this, including a variable (column) for the other option's checkbox:

Q1_SQ01 | Q1_SQ02 | Q1_SQ03 | Q1_other
Yes [Y] | | Yes [Y] | my text

Ideally the data set would also show which respondents - who saw the question - did not choose an option. This would make analyses of incomplete data sets (which is the norm) way more easy.

Q1_SQ01 | Q1_SQ02 | Q1_SQ03 | Q1_other
Yes [Y] | No [N] | Yes [Y] | my text

But that's another ticket, that I'll post in a minute ;-)
Additional Informationrelated to issue 16157
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related to 16157 acknowledged multiple choice option "other" cannot be selected without entering a text 
related to 16159 acknowledged incorrect data structure for multiple choice question 

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2020-04-20 11:52

developer   ~57265

As the illustration of the data structure is not very readable above:
grafik.png (10,470 bytes)   
grafik.png (10,470 bytes)   


2020-12-29 16:54

manager   ~61277

See related issue for discussion

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