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16150Feature requestsErgonomypublic2020-05-24 17:35
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Summary16150: UX, UI Nodes as interface for the making of a survey and conditions
DescriptionFor "noobes" and people who have trouble with making order in their survey and making conditions.
Having the ability to drag and drop lines from question to answers + conditions it will be a game changer for this system and also open it to many more novice users.
This is the only example that I could find.
I think there is a better one somewhere on the net...
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2020-05-24 17:35

reporter   ~58005


I mean a new way of making surveys (In a graphical way) and by that survey making will be a faster and/easier than ever in some ways.
A simpler explanation would be to make the user interface in a visual way.
For example in here:
The system can for example show the user a GUI of this: "Visual UI.png".
Visual UI.png (71,375 bytes)   
Visual UI.png (71,375 bytes)   

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