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16149Bug reportsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2020-05-28 08:04
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Product Version4.1.18 
Summary16149: See survey list - owner column is not correct

The owner column should list the name of the survey owner, not "Administrator". Not sure why that is the case

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create survey A.
  2. Create user X, provide him the necessary permissions (super admin in my example), and tell him to create survey B.
  3. Owner is "Administrator"

Even if you are the only admin, your username should be displayed there (as in LS3).

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related to 15904 feedbackcdorin Default survey admin & admin email not copied from user profile 




2020-04-17 18:54


Selection_022.png (57,896 bytes)   
Selection_022.png (57,896 bytes)   


2020-05-27 22:11

reporter   ~58061

Hi, I am facing the same problem. I think it is related to the issue 15904.
Limesurvey version 4.2.4+200520 upgraded from 2.72.2+171017 using LDAP authentication.

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