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16121Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2021-03-10 22:11
ReporterTomBenj Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.22.11 
Summary16121: Navigation Problems on iPhone and Mac
DescriptionWhen the user clicks the Next button there's a pop-up message saying "Please use the survey navigation buttons or index. It appears you attempted to use the browser button to re-submit a page". The error only appears to occur on iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.
Steps To ReproduceI created a simple test survey available at after an iPhone, iPad and Mac user reported that she received the error above.
If you enter information that the device has remembered in the third question (short free text), or misspell an answer there and choose a suggested correction, then the error should occur.
Additional InformationAn odd twist is that the user can enter garbage into the fields and then Next works, but if she chooses a previously remembered entry (like name and email), the error occurs. Same if the iPad or iPhone or computer corrects spelling.
Tagstext field
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.22.11+200330
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedYes
BrowserSafari 13 (assumed)
Database & DB-VersionMySQL 10.3.22-MariaDB-cll-lve
Server OS (if known)Linux
Webserver software & version (if known)Apache 2.4.41
PHP Version7.4




2020-04-09 22:04


NextLimeSurvey2.png (24,242 bytes)   
NextLimeSurvey2.png (24,242 bytes)   


2020-04-09 22:28

manager   ~57064

Can you please share the .lss file with us?


2020-04-09 22:38

reporter   ~57066

Sure, I attached two .lss files. One from the short test survey (652979) I mentioned above, and one from the survey that originated the error (738916). The same user has not encountered the navigation problem in the short test survey, however, on the first page she had to click the next button 4 times before it moved to the next page!


2020-04-10 09:10

developer   ~57068

Related ?


2020-04-10 20:49

reporter   ~57081

I don't think 14666 is related, that's for Samsung browsers, seems to be connected to video, and is a slightly earlier version of LS. My problem is affecting iPhone and iPad users in a major way: they cannot complete the survey, and if I can't get this bug resolved, I will have to move to a different platform. Some users can't use Next, others can't use Submit.


2020-04-16 18:39

manager   ~57192

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@galads, could you please check?
Maybe @Mazi can also help with testing?



2020-04-16 19:15

partner   ~57203

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I can test once a fix is available.



2020-04-16 19:24

reporter   ~57205

The problem isn't with file uploading, it's just with navigation.
For future surveys I will use the 4.1.15 install.


2020-04-16 20:12

partner   ~57206

Sorry, @TomBenj, I mixed things up with another bug report.


2020-04-17 18:40

manager   ~57224

@Mazi / @galads did you have the chance to test this one?


2020-04-17 19:03

partner   ~57225

I can go through the survey but there are issues:
1. At the welcome page I had to click next 2 times to get to the first question page.
2. The theme is not really repsonsive. Buttons are too far right aligned and...
3. ... when selecting from the drop down, the buttons move more to the right.

I didn't see any error messages though.

Tested with iPhone 8 and iOS 13.4.1.


2020-04-20 08:46

administrator   ~57252

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Tested on iPhone 6, iPhone 11 and IOS 10.15.3 and everything was fine with the provided .lss file.
For the provided survey link, I had to click on the next button twice to get to the first page and general formatting issues as @mazi mentioned



2020-04-20 13:46

manager   ~57270

Cannot be reproduced.

@TomBenj, could you please try with a simple survey to see if you can reproduce the issue? Provide us other info?


2020-04-22 23:50

reporter   ~57326

I can only say that 7 different users reported that they could not get through the survey - the Next button did not work. Out of 66 responses, 16 were incomplete. If you like I can invite you to the survey. Since it was an invitation only one, please send me an email address.
However, I've moved on, by upgrading to version 4.1.15 for me next surveys.


2020-04-23 20:56

reporter   ~57348

I have the same problem with iPhone, iPad and Mac users, only with the Submit button. Running version 4.1.18, 200416. It's intermittent, if they close the tab and return via a link, it may work after one or two tries.

I have a one-question survey with yes/no radio buttons.


2020-07-21 23:57

reporter   ~59030

Please see for an update on this issue, which I am still experiencing but with a newer LimeSurvey build.


2020-07-28 02:14

reporter   ~59112

Sorry, lack of response to this bug, and comments on the forum - - suggesting I downgrade, plus versions not being ready for production and that issues present in one version may still exist in others, have led us to move to SurveyMonkey.


2020-09-28 01:01

developer   ~59966

I can confirm this bug is occuring on my test server on 3.23.5 LTS release.

I ran the same installation of LimeSurvey on PHP 7.3 - no problem

Same installation of LimeSurvey and related settings, only change was to PHP 7.4 and navigation button message appeared.


2020-10-22 16:50

manager   ~60368

Hi @Addmazammit.

Please see my comments here.

Maybe we can follow up there.


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