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14666Bug reports[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2019-05-27 09:35
Reporterjelo Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.16.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary14666: Samsung Internet Browser + Video : Forward or Submit triggers "Please use the Survey navigation buttons or index"

Under Samsung Internet Browser a video is played inside a survey.
After playing the video the forward / submit button triggers the browser button detection.

Try on this survey:

The survey is simple and raised the same error on other LimeSurvey installations.
LS 2.06, LS 3.16 and LS Professional.

To me it looks like the detection code is raised when "exotic" videoplayerroutines are used (not that unusual on mobile platforms and browser). A way to disable this detection might be a good thing, to keep surveys in the game.

Steps To Reproduce

Use Samsung Internet Browser (Android )

Survey and MP4 video attached

The survey is simple and raised the same error on other LimeSurvey installations.
LS 2.06, LS 3.16 and LS Professional.

Additional Information

I opened this ticket based on the discussion in the German forum.

Samsung Browser Issues / Developer

TagsNo tags attached.
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.15.9+190214
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserSamsung Internet Browser (checked under Android 6,7 and 9)
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2019-03-20 09:16


survey_samsunginternet.lss (17,789 bytes)
test.mp4 (991,088 bytes)


2019-03-20 17:26

developer   ~51075

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Can confirm with Samsung internet on LineAgeOS (Thanks YalpStore). Ok with some other browser.

Seems not related to template :

Else about detection system : It's done using a SESSION var and an hidden input var : if it's broken : all submit can be broken.

Edit : name of the var (and input) LEMpostKey …



2019-03-20 22:00

partner   ~51079

Thanks for checking. I had some success with tapping in the free html canvas after watching the video and then answering the question and then hitting forward/submit.

This prevention detection should be optional.

It's the checkIfUseBrowserNav() function:

Let's say the Samsung Internet Browser executes an external video player and then returns to the browser.
I'm not that into mobile platforms. But a setting to disable this browser button detection would help.



2019-03-21 08:13

administrator   ~51080

This detection cannot be optional. As said, if the detection jumps in the page has not been properly submitted (which is usually the case if the user uses the browser buttons instead of page navigation)-.
So if your applet triggers that issue then the page is not properly POSTed.



2019-03-21 09:11

partner   ~51081

#1 This kind of detection is optional in other survey tools.
#2 It's no applet, it's the video tag handling by the Samsung Internet Browser.

But i will inform the forum user about the closing.



2019-03-23 21:09

administrator   ~51108

I am not able to reproduce this on a Samsung smartphone (S5) using the above example link.



2019-03-24 11:16

developer   ~51109

Strange ? With SamsungInternet ?

You click to play the video ?

Else : i think it's browser unfixable issue but , strange you can't reproduce. Maybe an update of SamsungInternet ?



2019-03-24 17:05

administrator   ~51111

Yeah, did everything (using the Samsung browser) - played video, normal and fullscreen. No problems.



2019-03-24 17:42

partner   ~51112

I don't think the URL will be able to show the bug anmore.
The threadstarter already patched the installation and removed the browser button detection.

/$this->checkIfUseBrowserNav(); // Check if user used browser navigation, or relaoded page/



2019-03-25 08:35

developer   ~51113

Ok, mine still valid.
I add some tracevar when find time to understand what happen exactly.

(and set this topic to «acknowledged» / «won't fix»)

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