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16113Feature requestsTranslationpublic2020-04-25 00:11
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Summary16113: Letting translators hide/show their language survey

Let's say I have an English default survey.
I have a translator that can translate the survey to Arabic.
I want the users to be able to see the English survey, but not the Arabic one that is not yet fully translated.

A translator can have a button, that after he finish translating his language "Arabic",
he clicks the "un-hide translation" button.

Then all users can see the translated survey also in Arabic.
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2020-04-10 15:43

reporter   ~57079


Designating specific languages to specific users (So they will not be able to change other languages).


2020-04-24 22:44

reporter   ~57367

Today I've noticed that I can translate the survey, even if I don't have the language in the "additional languages":

A week ago I had also added "Portuguese (Brazil)" for translation.
The translator started translating it.

Then I deleted the language from the "additional languages" box (didn't know when the translator would have time to translate).
After couple of days he told me he started to translate.
Now I saw the "Portuguese (Brazil)" translation is not in the "additional languages" but still we can continue translating the survey to "Portuguese (Brazil)", without the users seeing an option to choose "Portuguese (Brazil) before we finish translating".

Is this a "good bug" or that is how the feature suppose to act?


2020-04-24 22:55

reporter   ~57368

But still if a user adds this "?lang=pt-BR" after the survey number, he can still see the translation.


2020-04-25 00:11

reporter   ~57369

Or change the language of the site to "Portuguese (Brazil)", he will see "Portuguese (Brazil)" in the survey.

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