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16073Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2020-12-28 18:28
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Product Version4.1.13 
Summary16073: Adding translation language to the survey

In a survey that I've made I added a language translation.
Then saw a problem with a question that has answer of 249 countries that I made (I don't need to translate the list).
I fixed the problem with the list of countries and then saw the translation in the other language was empty (all 249 of them).
The only way that I could fix and make the English country list reappear, was to delete the added language (with all translations that have been made) and re-add it.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.1.12+200324
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2020-04-02 18:11

manager   ~56894

That sounds strange - could you please submit a step-by-step process to reproduce it?



2020-04-02 19:00

reporter   ~56899

I'll try...
I don't know if you can, because most of the time I have problems that others don't have.
I always say to my friends I can be a bug finder for windows.

  1. I had 25+ tabs in the Brave browser.
  2. Was editing a survey that I had created.
  3. Clicked "edit" the question with the long country list.
  4. Went to "quick add", wrote something and clicked "replace" so it will delete the list that was already there.
  5. Clicked "quick add" again and pasted the country list and clicked "replace".
    I have tried many things to try to solve this problem (because I had a problem with sorting of countries by a-z) like clicking "add", deleting one answer by one, deleting question and creating it again from scratch .
    Nothing helped so now I only use the "Sort answers alphabetically" for the problematic question of the countries.

I have a couple of questions with lists.
Most of the question with the lists are short.
I have 2 questions with a very long answer list that is the country.
the first list is fine and the second does the problem, that is the strange thing.
The question with the short answers do not have this problem and I don't use the "Sort answers alphabetically".

I tried to see if my computer was overload so opened the task manager and saw ~70% memory usage when I have 8G ram.

I hope I helped you reproduce it.



2020-04-02 19:13

reporter   ~56900

Here is the survey attached



2020-04-03 01:38

reporter   ~56911

I'm sorry, I think I've mixed up this bug with another.
Just use my survey

  1. Add a new language to the survey
  2. Go to "G2Q00005", click the new language,
  3. Click "Answer options" to see it has same answers as the English default language.
  4. Change back to English, and go again to "Answer options".
  5. Click "quick add" (countries list should be there)
  6. Click "replace" (Same codes, I didn't change them)
  7. Change back to new language
  8. Go again to "Answer options".
  9. List of the new language is empty.


2020-04-29 02:43

reporter   ~57442

The empty depends on the order of the adding of the language.
If admin adds the language before all of the survey is ready, then the new question that were created after translation was added, will be empty.
Also now after I've activated the survey the translator finished translating in his language.
But now I cannot add the languages that he translated (or any other for that matter).
Is this a bug or a feature, not to be able to add languages after the survey is active?



2020-04-29 03:11

reporter   ~57443

"Also now after I've activated the survey..."
Sorry my bad. Found why. Re-added the language for the site and saw the language there.



2020-04-29 09:22

developer   ~57445

Can you give your current max_input_vars ?

250 country , X each have 3 or 4 input X each language …



2020-04-29 11:29

reporter   ~57457

max_input_vars 5000



2020-04-29 11:41

developer   ~57460

How many language ?

Can you try with 100000 to max_input_vars ?

Sadly, LimeSurvey use a lot of POST values … and more in 4.X than in 3.X



2020-04-29 13:32

reporter   ~57462

For now I have 5 languages but the "countries" list is not translated to them (only English).
"Can you try with 100000 to max_input_vars ?" Don't know if I can change that on the server or not.

"Sadly, LimeSurvey use a lot of POST values … and more in 4.X than in 3.X"
I don't know how this works but, not better to insert value for each language and not all together?



2020-12-28 18:28

manager   ~61251

Seems to be a server configuration issue. Similar problem: 16319

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