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16013Feature requestsOtherpublic2020-03-30 15:10
Reportercdalexndr Assigned Toollehar  
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Summary16013: Bug tracker: option to select issue type bug or feature

While creating a new Issue from the top button "Report Issue" there is no option to select if the issue is a bug report or a feature request.
An option should be added (dropdown) to select the issue type.

Additional Information

Example of ambiguity caused by this lack of option:
ollehar: "Is this a feature request or a bug?"

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2020-03-20 11:08


Selection_215.png (53,637 bytes)   
Selection_215.png (53,637 bytes)   


2020-03-20 11:11

administrator   ~56691

See screenshot.



2020-03-20 12:35

reporter   ~56698

"Report issue" button is generic and doesn't link to the selected category.
(additionally there is a vertical separator between the button and the category dropdown, meaning they are not related)
If you have control and can changed it, it should reflect the current category: "Request feature" or "Report bug".
If not, this issue can be closed...



2020-03-20 13:39

administrator   ~56701

No, you have to change to "Bug reports" *before" clicking "Report issue".



2020-03-20 15:35

developer   ~56709

And it's clean :

Show feature at right : it's a feature request
Shown All project : offer dropdown

fature-request_issue.png (3,307 bytes)   
fature-request_issue.png (3,307 bytes)   


2020-03-20 16:36

reporter   ~56714

Yes, I understand how it works now.
My last comment was only related to button design, that isn't intuitive and should be changed. Don't know how Mantis works and if you can change the button's text.

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