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15969Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2020-03-10 18:31
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Summary15969: Custom Error messages for Limesurvey
DescriptionLimesurvey should give clearer error messages and not the standard errors like 401.

If the survey is not active, respondents should receive a message like "This survey is currently not active" instead of a 401 - not authorized. It would make solving the problem a lot quicker for not so experienced LS users.
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2020-03-10 16:45

developer   ~56395

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It's a 401 issue because it's a 401 not a 404 or any other things

Done here :

My opinion : muts be **always** a 404 if survey are noot accessible. No difference betwwen exiting of not existing survey.

It's a _Point Of View issue, not a real issue_.



2020-03-10 18:05

reporter   ~56397

What I mean is: you can say it is a 401 or anything, but Limesurvey probably knows what the reason for the 401 is, so it could give additional information (e.g. "This survey is currently not active"). Would be a lot more user friendly. Not everyone is a developer, especially not the respondents.


2020-03-10 18:17

developer   ~56398

> My opinion : must be **always a 404** if survey are not accessible. No difference between exiting of not existing survey.


2020-03-10 18:31

reporter   ~56401

Let's ask some users what they would prefer... ;-)

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