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15950Bug reportsFile managerpublic2020-05-18 16:27
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Product Version4.1.8 
Summary15950: Unable to access file manager in V4 or insert images

I have a fresh install (same thing happened with a fresh install of V4.1.7) of V4.1.8 on a Windows 2016 IIS server v10 - PHP 7.2.7, MySQL ver 8.0.13

When I go to Configuration>File Manager I get "An error has occured and the file list could not be loaded: Error: You don't have permission to this folder" (see screen shot)

I have read/write to the Application>config, Upload, & Temp folders

Likely related when I to add an image I get a pop-up [objecdt Object} (see screen shot).

I've replicated this in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, & Brave on PC and Mac

I have used lime survey since v1 and have 3.21.2 running on the same box - no issues.

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I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-VersionMySQL 8.0.13
Server OS (if known)Windows 2016 iis10
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.2.7


child of 16291 assignedollehar Development  Revert file manager to LS3 




2020-03-05 00:56




2020-05-11 11:29

administrator   ~57675

Please update to the latest version and try again. Thank you.



2020-05-11 17:14

reporter   ~57685

I am able to add images to the question and it saves. I am not able to work with the file manager/server - when I click on it I get nothing just the help message.

I am also not able to access the file manger under settings - I get a permissions error.

Thank you for working on this.



2020-05-11 17:29

reporter   ~57687

Spoke too quickly. I tried it with a new survey and back to the object issue

With the new survey, I can see some items in the file list but none are clickable.



2020-05-11 17:34

administrator   ~57688

We'll probably revert to LS3 file manager and ckeditor soon. Then these bugs will be solved.



2020-05-11 17:46

reporter   ~57690

That would be great. Please keep me updated.

We use Limesurvey as a part of our Undergraduate Psychology Research program (we collected almost 2000 responses just this past spring). I have not switched over to 4 because of these issues but really want to.

That might also be related to the bug I filed on setting up new users with passwords (I get a permissions error when I do that as well).

Thank you,


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