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15923Feature requestsPluginspublic2020-10-15 08:23
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Summary15923: Allow to update some Expression Dynamic variable : hidden or relevance, or set order of question (by plugins)

With knowVars : you have a lot of ,information allowed to be updated.

You can set hidden , relevance etc ... but after update this in plugin it don't work.

Then need to be allowed to update questionSeq2relevance is needed

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parent of 15873 resolvedollehar Bug reports setVariableExpressionEnd have lack of system to udate question part 




2020-03-12 10:03

developer   ~56422

Fixed for "Start survey".

Not during survey (example : mandatory by condition or hidden by expression)



2020-10-15 08:23

developer   ~60209

Don't remind when exactly

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