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Summary15638: review organisation of manual/Plugin_events

Currently we have

  • Global events
  • CLI events
  • Authentification events
  • Model events

And this page : to have it by alphabetical order

I think it's best if we add more category

  • Question related events : question render and attributes
  • Survey submit management (quota / assesments etc …)
  • Survey registering
  • Core part : beforeControllerAction, newDirectRequest ? BeforeUrlCheck ? …)
  • Unclassified
Additional Information

All events start in unclassified , move to category when needed and clear its a category related
Some events can have multiple category

Alternative solution

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2019-12-04 08:17

developer   ~54943

@cdorin : OK to start to create some category on this page ? Or did you prefer subcategory ?

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