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15556Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-03-13 18:50
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Summary15556: reuse survey creation form for editing
Descriptioncurrently we have: admin/survey/sa/newsurvey for creating a new survey with 6 Tabs:

- Text elements
- General settings
- Presentation & navigation
- Publication & access control
- Notification & data management
- Participant settings

one form to manage a survey

make possible to reuse this form for survey editing
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2019-11-12 08:57

developer   ~54527

All this form part are at right menu if i don't make error ?

I like the TAB system of New survey, but there are a second tab system with existing survey (multi language)

Else my opinion about big forms is always this one :
- With a little form : if you loose data ( power failure for example) : you loose some data , but with a big forim : you loos a lot of data
- More chance to have [max_input_vars]( issue

For the Pro : all settings on same page : sure user can know all of this settings.

About the 2 cons : i think it's better to have a Multiple form , each part save separatly (in ajax if able)
Somethink like this (but with a tab view)

- **General survey settings**
    - Input language
    - Input owner
    - Input survey group
    - …
    - _Save general survey settings_ button : save this part, and reload this part in ajax
- **Presentation & navigation settings**
    - Input Navigation delay
    - Input Show index
    - …
    - _Save presentation & navigation settings_ button : save this part, and reload this part in ajax
- ** etc **

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