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15429Feature requestsMenu systempublic2020-03-13 18:50
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Summary15429: expand survey pages in structure
DescriptionThe new button "expand all pages" is very helpful. It would be great it toggled to "expand all pages" (and if the label would be changed to "collapse all pages").
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2019-10-20 16:45


grafik.png (11,689 bytes)   
grafik.png (11,689 bytes)   


2019-11-28 15:13

manager   ~54874

Hmmm, I am not sure if I understand, does expand all survey pages currently exist/work? Or is it a feature request?


2019-11-29 08:43

developer   ~54884

You got me ... it might be a something like a feature request. But - and this is a very big but - a button to collapse all without the functionality to expand all feels very uncommon. Especially if you want to get a quick overview of the survey "expand all" would be extremely helpful. Don't know who implemented the "collapse all" but it might not be very much work to add the reverse functionality.

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