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15404Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-01-22 09:41
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Summary15404: Alow to create automatically a new group on Question creation
DescriptionCurrently : we can choose an already existing group when create question (see screenshot)
Some user want to have an option to create a new group directly
Additional InformationThe todo list

1. Add «Create a new group» at end of current list
2. When create question, check `gid`
3. If `gid` == 'new' (or null ?)
4. Create a group with same name than question
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2020-01-17 15:45

developer   ~55361

@cdorin : i have a client for this feature.

Can you tell me if it's OK to have it in core ?


2020-01-21 13:59

administrator   ~55403

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Our idea was to have transparent groups instead, so you don't have to create a question group anymore when creating a question.
But in the background for every orphan question a question group is still created.
This would be easier for the user, and would require only minimal changes.
- The question group table just needs an additional field (like 'transparent')
- These questions would be on the first level of the structure tree. Also moving the question needs to move the (invisible) parent question group (instead of the question itself)
- Transparent groups should not be shown in the general question group selectors.
- Other locations where groups matter (import count ) need to be fixed.

This would also give the opprtunity to have mixed view surveys where you want to just show 3 questions on one page and the 97 on single pages.



2020-01-22 09:41

developer   ~55424

At origin they want a system to allow some group showing question by question, and other all group.

Then i think think can be really happy for your solution.

Personally : i don't have time frame for your solution (better than mine) , i offer mine to have a quickest way to do :)

> This is not very high on our agenda

Years ? Month ?

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