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Summary15380: Create class or Interface for PluginEvent with names as constants

this helps for IDE-Code Completion


interface PluginEventInterface
    const EVENT_BEFORE_CONTROLLER_ACTION = 'beforeControllerAction';

class PluginEvent implements PluginEventInterface

$event = new PluginEvent(PluginEvent::EVENT_BEFORE_CONTROLLER_ACTION);
$event->set('controller', $controller->getId());
$event->set('action', $action->getId());
$event->set('subaction', Yii::app()->request->getParam('sa'));
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2019-10-07 16:58

reporter   ~53930

more benefits:

  • event names centralized
  • better documentation


2019-10-08 14:32

administrator   ~53948

can an interface include constants?



2019-10-08 15:28

developer   ~53953

My opinion :

  1. event name must be unique in all LimeSurvey code
  2. event name is used one time only in Plugin

Sometimes i'm unsure add CONSTANT make more readable code :

Auto documentation with such solution can not include input and output
Then no real reason for this.



2019-10-09 14:15

reporter   ~53973

I agree with Bismark, it would be very useful for future development.
I would implement it this way:

use MabeEnum\Enum;

    class Events extends Enum
    // Enumerators will be generated from public constants only
    public const BEFORE_CONTROLLER_ACTION = 'beforeControllerAction';

additionally benefits:

  • you can compare event types internal if necessary and even constants with the same value are different because of the Enum implementation.

  • type safety

  • the already mentioned benefits

public const EV_A = 'a';
puclic const EV_B = 'a';

Events:: EV_A()->is(Events::EV_B()); //false
It is because if the is() implementation which does a comparisment of the value and the name of the enumerator.



2019-10-09 15:03

partner   ~53974

@c_schmitz, can you comment on this? For us - and other plugin developers - it would be pretty useful and I am rather sure it will not have any side effects when adding this to the core.



2019-10-11 22:26

reporter   ~54013

I created an example and uploaded to a fork in GitHub.
You can loot at this in
You coud use the new system via $this->subscribe(GlobalEvents::AFTER_FIND_SURVEY()->getValue());
The function "getValue()" returns the string I assigned to the enum.
I suggest to use it this way for compatibility reasons. In a future version (maybe v4 or v5) I advise to enforce using the enums. It will reduce errors.
I didn't implement all events nor made comments for all of the already declared events. I would do this if my suggestion is accepted.

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