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15321Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2022-08-04 21:39
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Summary15321: Progress bar on page instead of questions

If you have a survey with 6 questions, 3 groups. The progress bar will increase with 33% on every new page. But, if the questions are distributed 1 at first page, 4 at second page and 1 at third page it's a bit misleading to increase with 33%.

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2019-11-03 17:27

manager   ~54357

Maybe it's a feature :D .

Thought it s a fair point. Will assign it to myself not to forget about it. Thx!



2020-02-05 12:42

manager   ~55749

The problem is... what do you do with the hidden questions then.



2021-01-18 16:24

reporter   ~61587

@cdorin I have not seen your answer here, sorry! Should hidden questions ever be counted is the question? maybe a setting that something like 'include in progressbar'? but a lot of work for a small feature.

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