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15265Bug reports[All Projects] Pluginspublic2019-09-18 18:00
ReporterPPRI Assigned Tocdorin  
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Product Version3.17.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary15265: 2FA is not working on Limesurvey CE with a downloaded plug-in

I am using both Limesurvey Professional(Hosted Service by Limesurvey) and Limesurvey CE( installed on our server). 2FA is working fine on Limesurvey Professional but it's not working as expected on Limesurvery CE after installing 2FA plug-in download version 1.0.1, which was released on 2019-05-22.

Steps To Reproduce

After downloading a 2FA plug-in, I coped a whole upzipped folder under the plugins folder on my instance. 2FA Personal settings --> Register 2FA now --> barcode scanned --> confirmationKey typed in -> Click 'Create 2FA binding. After this, no responding at all.

I tried Google Authenticator and Duo but same, both no response after clicking Create 2FA binding.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.17.16+190906
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserGoogle Chrome
Database & DB-Version359
Server OS (if known)Windows Server 2016
Webserver software & version (if known)IIS 10
PHP Version7.3.9




2019-09-12 12:05

manager   ~53560

Using master now + Ubuntu 18.04 . Could not reproduce it.

Did you do it for superadmin? or another user?

Perhaps someone with a Windows server can also try it.

I will ping @markusfluer here.



2019-09-12 23:11

reporter   ~53562

I tried it as a superadmin.



2019-09-13 15:10

reporter   ~53567

I've tested it on Limesurvey version 3.17.13+190824 (ubuntu 16.04, Apache & MariaDB) with plugin version 1.0.1.

"Register 2FA Now" gives the layover. Both tested with google authenticator en authy in combination with the qr code. If I enter the codes (generated by the apps) it's posted to
with the response:
For admin user: {"success":false,"message":"The confirmation key is not correct.","data":[]}
For regular user: {"success":false,"message":"No permission for this","data":[]}

Happy to help you further test this but no idea how to further debug.



2019-09-13 17:18

reporter   ~53568

In my case, after clicking 'Create 2FA binding', the circling icon shows up in a second and stop then nothing happens. It doesn't matter with a correct or wrong key value. It seems like not communicating at all with the App to verify the conformation key.



2019-09-15 20:54

reporter   ~53574

I also do not see anything in the browser. But via the inspector you can see your request and the server response. It gives a http 200 json response with the above messages.
So in chrome or firefox press F12 to load inspector. Click on the network tab than submit your security code. You'll see your request in response in the network tab!



2019-09-18 18:00

reporter   ~53644

It seems like 2FA is not working with Limesurvey Version 3.17.16. 2FA was working on Limesurvey Professional hosting service when it had a previous version. Now it has been upgraded to and it is NOT working on it either.

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