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15059Feature requestsOtherpublic2020-09-18 15:47
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Product Version4.0.0dev 
Summary15059: Allow on admin dashboard (boxes), to insert own views from plugin to display custom information.
DescriptionA new dopdown is provided: is default box or custom box.
if custom-box, you must provide the class with in a plugin, which holds your custom view

I use this, to display angular ui's as admin dashboard.
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2019-07-19 10:05

partner   ~52928

in development by me


2019-07-19 10:23

developer   ~52929

You mean here in home box ? (1st screenshot)

Then same configuration than Menu (see the second screenshot) seems COOL :)


2019-07-19 10:58

partner   ~52930

hi Denis,

yes something like that


2019-07-19 11:05

developer   ~52931

In Menu the «Data» is really needed for plugins,

But we can't add survey / questionid etc … then less needed, menu link can have 2 diffrent link in my opinion
1. plugin/direct with plugin=pluginName as param + extra param according to plugin
2. admin/pluginhelper with sa=sidebody plugin=pluginName and method=actionMethod + extra params

Then : must have
- controller/action
- params (any params …)
- Right (global right) : this is a lack in current Boxes system : did you work on ot too ?


2019-07-19 11:46

partner   ~52932

I will keep the settings very simple, the whole magic will done by the plugin which provides the new box.
No params needed in my plot
I have this in a 2.6 Version currently running.
The box controller will grab the inserted classname (in ui ) and display it.


2019-07-19 12:06

developer   ~52933

> No params needed in my plot

But it's needed in a lot of plugin …


2019-07-19 12:52

partner   ~52934

I will provide it soon, and we will see if we have add something.

What do you mean with :
Right (global right) : this is a lack in current Boxes system : did you work on ot too ?



2019-07-19 15:44

developer   ~52936

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Permission, yes … : currently Boxes permission are superadmin, all or none.

You can‘t show "Template Boxes" to only user with template/update for example
Or "New survey Boxes" to only user with Survey/create
etc …

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