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14976Feature requests[All Projects] Statisticspublic2019-07-15 11:41
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Summary14976: Timings for SPSS export

At present, timings are not exported for SPSS. The SPSS data file ("survey_<surveyID>_SPSS_data_file.dat") does neither contain the total time nor group timings nor question timings. SPSS data file should contain all timings and the and SPSS syntax file should contain all variable names and variable labels.

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2019-06-20 14:12

developer   ~52485

Please create simple example file(s) showing actual implementation, so it would be clear what export files should look like.



2019-06-21 18:07

developer   ~52490

I created a simple survey with just one open question (see attachment).

If you export the responses as CSV or Excel the dataset contains the following variables:
01: Response ID
02: Date submitted
03: Last page
04: Start language
05: Seed
06: Date started
07: Date last action
08: IP address
09: Referrer URL
10: A first example question. Please answer this question:
11: Total time
12: Group time: My first question group
13: Question time: Q00

The SPSS data file only contains the variables 01 to 10, so total time, group time, and question time are missing.

survey_archive_181135.lsa (4,204 bytes)
survey_181135_SPSS_data_file.dat (394 bytes)
results-survey181135.xlsx (4,908 bytes)
results-survey181135.csv (691 bytes)

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