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Summary14932: NAOK is not needed in PHP , only in JS

In manual :

For example : count(Q1_SQ1,Q1_SQ2,Q1_SQ3,Q1_SQ4) give always an empty string if one subquestion of Q1 is filtered. To count the number of checked subquestion in such question can be count(Q1_SQ1.NAOK,Q1_SQ2.NAOK,Q1_SQ3.NAOK,Q1_SQ4.NAOK). If the sub question is hidden :Expression manager return an empty string.

But : it's false :

  1. In PHP : count is OK
  2. In JS : count is bad ONLY without suffix , with .code : it's OK
Steps To Reproduce

Import included survey, test.

You can check with js deactivated in 1st question …

Additional Information

There are 2 issues here:

  1. JS function LEManyNa don't remove suffix when testing variable : must check if it's an update between 2.06 and 3.X. Then return true for code
  2. There are no of NA system in PHP

Possible fix : just remove the LEManyNa checking …

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@c_schmitz : I already have the fix for .code in JS. But what is the good fix ?
Did we need to send '' for count(…) in PHP too ?

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