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Summary14910: Make number input configurable to have left and right alignment
DescriptionI have a problem concerning the left and right alignment of text depending on the type of questions. As you can see in the attached picture if it's a multiple numerical input the text alignment is right and with "normal" text questions the alignment is left. Is there any way to change the alignment so it's coherent? I would prefer a left alignment for every single type of question.
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2019-05-20 18:12

developer   ~51996

@ninanu: please attach picture


2019-05-22 10:00


Unbenannt1.png (45,582 bytes)   
Unbenannt1.png (45,582 bytes)   
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Unbenannt.png (62,690 bytes)   


2019-05-22 10:44

partner   ~52026

Was more a design decision (Think about a spreadsheet like Excel). For L2R languages you have text left-aligned and numbers right-aligned.
That is the case for 3.17.3 too. The questiontypes with numbers are right aligned, the text are left aligned.

For a survey layout a question option to have a different alignment can be quite useful.


2019-05-22 10:46

developer   ~52027

Easy fix in themes.css


2019-05-22 11:09

reporter   ~52030

ok so there is no way for me to fix it considering I don't know what themes.css is and how to use it?


2019-05-22 11:21

partner   ~52031

When LimeSurvey GmbH is seeing WYSIWYG as an important feature, the alignment will be not left to CSS modifications.

Easy is relative.

If you know the Themes-Editor (in German Designvorlagen), you can add a part in custom.CSS to change the behavior.

Add e.g.:
.numeric-item input[data-number='1'] {
    text-align: left;


2019-05-22 12:13

developer   ~52035

I don't care about it must be easy or not (css still easy). But right : looking at default behaviour of `input type='number'` against `input type='text'` aligment is same in brower default.
[number]( VS [text](

Then : keep it same ( `text-align: start;`) is the best solution.

And about GUI feature : all question have more settings than really needed make LimeSurvey very complex to learn … adding again and again a new settings it's not the good solution …


2019-05-22 12:18

reporter   ~52036

i thank you all for your input. I just think Denis that you cannot go around and tell people what is easy and what is not. This is not meant in any insulting way, but I just want to give you a different perspective. If somebody such as me has never used any kind of css it is going to be hard especially because I am a little scared of messing the whole template up. So please choose your words carefully because at the end we all come from different backgrounds and just because something is easy for you, it might be hard for someone else. Nevertheless I'll try to fix the problem using CSS so thank you for that solution proposal


2019-05-22 13:22

developer   ~52043

Sorry for using «easy», you right : it's easy when you know css (a little).

I din't put the css line to add : my error :).

For a GUI settings : clearly i'm unsure we need a GUI settings for this before other settings … else we come with 1 000 000 settings by survey + 1 000 000 question settings finally … and it's worst.


2019-05-22 13:44

administrator   ~52044

I am closing this issue because this is not a bug.
This the correct behaviour as numbers are usually entered in right alignment, where normal text is left aligned (as already pointed out in the discussion)


2019-05-22 14:27

developer   ~52046

@c_schmitz : why it's the **correct** behaviour ?

It's only on Calc or excel for this, and we are on web. Checking on chrome and forefiox : default behaviour of number input is right (in LTR).

I'm OK to close this (really ok), but why it's correct behaviour ?


2019-05-24 00:15

partner   ~52098

DenisChenu: I don't need all the options. But LimeSurvey needs a clear vision: What problem should LimeSurvey solve? If LS GmbH states an WYSIWYG-Editor as an important near-term goal, you cannot combine that with alignment of fields via a customized CSS-File. It's not coherent. Jack of all trades will not work.

The "correct" behavior is just the behavior nobody opposed till today.
It's no bug, cause it was an intended move. If it's was aligned in the same way as text, it would be fine too.
So "correct" is the wrong term.


2019-05-24 00:22

developer   ~52100

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@jelo :
> I don't need all the options.

Yes, but if you search in mantis : all options are asked one time … :).

For template, i use currently CSS class : looking at the screenshot you put about concuurent, some feature need complex code sometimes …

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