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14747Bug reportsOtherpublic2019-05-10 15:36
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Todominikvitt 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.0dev 
Fixed in Version4.0.0dev 
Summary14747: Don't set encryptionkey in a git managed file

See when commiting
And git reset --hard origin/develop broke key.

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I think it must be set in config.php file only ? No ?

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Bug heat6
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2019-04-05 13:32

developer   ~51381

Oups … the screenshot



2019-04-05 15:46

developer   ~51394

Separate file is used to prevent being accidentally deleted when editing config file.

I set this file in .gitignore file in root, but it seems that it isn't working.
See here:
Do you have any idea how to make it to be ignored by git?



2019-04-05 16:34

developer   ~51395

Oh, i prefer to have config-security.php then :) or i really like security-locale.php (some linux too do this : locale is for … locale … ;) )

Strange i think it mus work …
I check



2019-04-05 16:37

developer   ~51396

PS : i think to work on installer ,
One of the reason it's application directory must be set up as READ only after install.

Maybe : ./config/ and have it inside ./config/config.php + ./config/security.php + ./config/ldap.php ?
Create it by copying existing when setup.

For old install : if(!is_file(./config/config.php) [ try to read ./appliaction/config/ ]

You opinion ?



2019-04-08 11:28

developer   ~51403

I just removed this file from git index, so you can try again.
If it doesn't work, you would have to delete security.php file and recreate it again.



2019-05-10 15:36

administrator   ~51884

4.0beta1 released

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